Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Oh I have 'em, great big film dreams, dreams where I recognise I"m dreaming, scary dreams, falling dreams, boring dreams, long drawn out dreams that leave me exhausted and convinced I haven't slept.
HOWEVER, only one dream makes me curse a lot.
Do you lot get the one where someone calls you to get up and you say, 'Muuurpokay!'
And then you get up, tiredly, stumble into the bathroom, wee, wash hands, wash face, brush teeth, stumble back to bedroom, find clothes, get dressed slowly, stretch, start to wake up a bit, go down stairs have coffee and...
'Are you getting up?"
You open your eyes.
ARGHGHGHGHHGHGHGH! You were still asleep and you've just been dreaming, now you've got to do it all over again! (Even though you didn't actually do it in the first place)
I used to have this dream before school a lot. I had it again this morning.
Most annoying.
However, not annoyingly, I"m going to a paaady tonight, a Wendesday night paaaady, how bloomin' dolce vita is that then?

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